The Atlas Topseal Vault

  • 48 cross rib structural supports
  • 12 counter cross ribbing supports
  • High-density water-resistant polypropylene
  • Numerous 90 degree corners to add structural strength
  • A total weight of almost 150 lbs.
  • Nesting and stacking capabilities for convenient storage
  • A 100-year warranty
  • Able to be used in double-depth burials

The Strength Test:


BACKGROUND:  Customer submitted one (1) sample for testing.  The sample arrived at CRT on 02/05/2007 via customer delivery.   Visual inspection was performed on 02/05/2007 and no product defects or shipping discrepancies were noted.   Sample submitted to identify compressive strength.  Testing to be performed per customer requirements and signed CRT quotation dated 01/24/2007.   The following additional information is provided: 

CRT Order Entry Log Date: 01/29/2007          Sample Description:  Atlas Vault

Specification:  Customer Requirements:  Minimum 5000 lbs for 5 minutes

TEST PROCEDURE:  The chamber was placed in a test frame.  A customer supplied base was used for bottom support.  Eight (8) 50-lb bags of 3/8-5/8 smooth river rock were placed on top of the vault to distribute load.  A 6"x6" H-beam was placed on top of the rock bags to apply the load.  Load was applied using a 20-ton hydraulic jack and monitored using a Sensotek load cell.  The required load was held for 5 minutes and then incrementally increased until failure.

Load Obtained Time Ultimate Load
2270 kg 5 minutes 5499 kg (12,100 lbs)

Larger pics:  Atlas WhiteAtlas BlackAtlas White OpenAtlas Black Open